When people approach window treatments for their home, they likely are thinking about a particular look they want to achieve and the level of light control they want. However, an important element of your windows to consider is how they can help you control the temperature of your home, beyond simply by blocking or letting in light. Since windows are essentially a section of your walls that aren’t insulated, they end up being the main culprit for unwanted changes in temperatures. Hunter Douglas offers a great-looking and highly customizable solution to this with their high-quality honeycomb cellular shades that add insulating effects to your windows.

The Duette® Honeycomb shades feature three-dimensional hexagonal cells of fabric. These cells trap air inside, keeping warm air out during the summer and in during the winter. The cellular shades go beyond just function, however. You can choose from a wide range of fabrics to add the perfect texture to match any home decoration. You also have your choice of color options and different opacity levels, giving you further control over the look of your room and added temperature control. The Duette® Architella® cellular shades go even further to add to the energy-saving insulating effects by creating a honeycomb within a honeycomb.

Duette® Honeycomb shades are incredibly versatile, and come in a variety of shapes and operating systems for maximum convenience. These cellular shades can be fitted window shapes such a arches, angles, circles and ovals, trapezoids, hexagons and octagons, bay and corner windows, sliding glass doors, French doors, and even skylights. The Vertiglide system allows for the cellular shades to be installed at a vertical orientation and opened seamlessly with sliding glass doors.

For ultimate control over your honeycomb shades and to optimize their energy-saving potential, the Powerview® Motorization system allows you to electronically control your cellular shades from your smartphone, tablet, or Pebble® control. With the ability to integrate Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, you can even control your shades with your voice.

You can also optimize your settings by creating settings and scheduled changes. This allows you to go about your day without having to worry about adjusting your shades at any time. It also helps to create a safe environment for children and pets with the ability to schedule shading at times of the day with direct sunlight. The fact that there are no exposed cords or wires to the electronic cellular shades adds even more safety.

At herberts workroom 101 – conveniently located in Centennial, CO and serving Denver, Greenwood Village, Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Centennial, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Englewood, Aurora and surrounding cities – we are proud to offer the high-quality Duette® Honeycomb shades, along with a large selection of other amazing energy efficient window treatments, from Hunter Douglas. Stop by our showroom to discover the custom cellular shades that could add beauty and help save energy in your home.