Solar Screen Shades are a great option during the hot summer months. Hunter Douglas offers the Designer Screen Shades which feature tons of benefits for your home. From the very beginning when you are customizing every aspect of these shades to when you are sitting in your home with your beautiful, new shades much more comfortably, you will love them so much!

When it gets hot, we want to turn our air-conditioning units up. With these shades, you don’t have to because they keep your home cool. Even with your air-conditioning unit not being blasted, these shades will prevent energy from being lost through your windows. Tons of energy can be lost through uncovered windows, but by installing solar shades, you can reduce energy costs by at least fifteen percent.

Not only will these shades lower your energy bills, they will also protect your home from the sun’s harmful UV rays. These rays can be very harmful to your furnishings by fading and causing deterioration. During the summer, your home is exposed to sun for a good part of the day. Because of this, without screen shades, you put your furnishings and possessions at risk for sun damage or fading. When you install these shades, you get both protection for your possessions, as well as beauty and energy-efficiency.

When the sun is out for long periods of time, it can also be frustrating when you are trying to watch movies or even just trying to exist in your home. The sun tends to cause glare throughout your home, whether it be on a TV screen or a stainless-steel kitchen appliance. These shades almost completely eliminate this glare, making your home much more comfortable to live in.

One of the perks of summer is that we get lots of natural light in our home, which we do sometimes enjoy, despite the downsides. However, with these shades, you still get to experience beautiful, natural sunlight because they have the ability to filter sunlight through the material they are made out of. These shades allow you to have all the benefits of the summer sun without the glare and damage it can cause.

To make these shades even better, you have several options when it comes to customization. You can choose from tons of colors and fabrics in varying opacities. You can also choose from a variety of incredible operating systems, including the innovative PowerView® Motorization system.

If you’re interested in adding Hunter Douglas screen shades to your home this summer, give us a call here at herberts workroom 101. You can also visit us in our showroom in Centennial, Colorado, from which we proudly serve Denver, Greenwood Village, Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Centennial, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Englewood, Aurora, and the surrounding cities. We can even set up a virtual shopping appointment, where we will bring our showroom to you. Our talented team of professionals would love to help you find exactly what you need for your home or office, so let’s get started.