Palm Beach™​ Polysatin Shutters

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Cutting edge design meets classic style in these shutters. Crafted to be durable in the face of heat, humidity, and UV rays, these shutters are the perfect addition to any interior.

Why Palm Beach™​ Polysatin Shutters?

Polysatin is a lightweight, compact material that’s known for its durability and resistance to fading, warping, and cracking. Hunter Douglas also went the extra mile, adding interior aluminum bracing and resin blocks for additional support, as well as creating a unique Polysatin™ compound that leaves their shutters water resistant.
Additionally, Polystain shutters tend to be lighter and more affordable than hardwood shutters in most scenarios.
But the best part about this material is that none of these benefits come at a cost to design. Polysatin shutters are all carefully crafted to mimic the look and feel of hardwood.

Choose Your Customization

The Palm Beach™​ Polysatin Shutters come in three neutral color choices to enhance any room: Bright White, White, and White Silk.

The visual options each homeowner has extend beyond this, with an option to choose Louver Sizes (2 ½”, 3 ½” or 4 ½”), go for the “Finished Look” (which covers unsightly windowsills or creates a missing sill complete with a Decorative Sill Cover), or spring for the “Coordinated Look Package”.

The latter is highly recommended for homeowners seeking aesthetic cohesion in a chosen room or household, as it allows us to provide horizontal window coverings with complementary vertical blinds or shades (along with shutters and wood blinds) to create a cohesive effect in the space you’ve chosen.

The Palm Beach™ Polysatin Shutters come in a wide variety of specialty shapes to fit your windows, including Arches, Angles, Hexagons, Bay and Corner Windows, Patio and Sliding-glass Doors, French Doors, and Cut-outs.

Make sure you discuss your vision with our experts thoroughly so we can help figure out which cut of blind is right for you.

Choose Your Control Style

You can choose from a wide variety of control options to lift your shutters, including Smart Automated (controlling PowerView Automation via an app, remote, or smart-home system), a Louver Tilt without a bar, Louver Tilt with a Tilt Bar, a Front Tilt Bar, A Bi-Fold Track to fold shutter panels open (combined with your choice of Louver Tilt), Sliding shutter panels that move past each other with a bypass track (combined with your choice of Louver TIlt), and Standard Hinged panels that you can pull inward.
Interested? Get in touch with a window treatment expert to learn more about how we can outfit your home.