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The style of wood meets the strength and straightness of modern day materials in our NewStyle hybrid shutters. A versatile complement to any interior, their micro-smooth finish makes the beauty of high-quality shutters affordable for any home.

Why NewStyle ® Hybrid Shutters?

There are a couple of reasons why a room might be better complimented by hybrid shutters over other alternatives (such as wood shutters). Hybrid shutters are particularly useful in environments with intense weather, making it a good fit for Colorado’s fluctuations between high heat and extreme cold with the seasons.

Hybrid shutters are also generally easier to maintain on the homeowner’s part. They’re made with Truemill® dovetail construction which ensures durability and an extended lifespan and coated with the low-luster Finetech® finish which gives each shutter the look of finely painted wood.

These shutters are more resistant to cracks and warping and aren’t as susceptible to the effects of humidity like real wood can be, which makes them an exceptional choice for bathroom and kitchen windows.

In short, Hybrid Shutters come with all the aesthetic benefits of real wood shutters, but at a more affordable price and with modern improvements contributing to their longevity.

Choose Your Customization

You can choose shutters for specific spaces in your house or spring for the Whole House Solution – which will involve us creating a unified look across entire rooms or your entire household, ensuring cohesion in the style of your shutters and blinds.

Louver Sizes range from 2 ½”, 3 ½” or 4 ½”.

Specialty shapes include Arches, Angles, Hexagons, Circles and Ovals, Bay and Corner Windows, Patio and Sliding-Glass Doors, French Doors, or Cut Outs to fit around handles or cranks.

Choose Your Control Style

A fan of sleek, smooth motion? Consider adding the SoftClose™ Louvers with Quick Align™ to your installation. This feature allows louvers to close easily, gently, and automatically after reaching a predetermined angle. You’ll no longer have to sweep your entire hand along louvers to completely open or close the shutters.

The Quick Align feature only adds to the level of control homeowners can exert. This lets you set five louver positions that will angle all of your louvers exactly as you establish, panel to panel.

Other control panels include Louver Tilts without Tilt Bars (making use of the HiddenTilt System), Front Tilt Bars, Bi-Fold Tracks, Sliding Shutter Panels, or Standard Hinged Panels.

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