Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds

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Cadence Soft Vertical Blinds

About Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds

Cadence blinds excel at mimicking the classic look of drapery, while still providing easy options for control using smooth tracks. Of course, their comfortable and soft elegance isn’t the only thing these window treatments have going for them.

Their light, transparent material offers clients with a calming ambiance that few other window treatments come close to. Despite their lightness, they also reduce ambient noise, making them a great choice for homes in louder neighborhoods or on busier streets–they’re a perfect fit for sliding glass doors and patios!

The design of the Hunter Douglas’ Cadence Soft Vertical Blinds also protects against UV–preventing discoloration of other items in your home. And, in order to help keep your energy bills down, they do wonders for your home’s energy efficiency.

Customization Options

Make these blinds your own with a variety of different customization options. Choose between many different fabrics and colors!

For homes with a different look, they also provide multiple different stacking options and specialty shapes.

Control Options

Like all window coverings offered through Louver Shop, the Cadence Soft Vertical Blinds include a treasure-trove of control options. Use the traditional cord and chain, cord and wand or safety wand options for simple and easy control over your blinds.

If you want to control your blinds with the touch of a button, Louver Shop offers motorization options to allow you to control your window treatments anytime, anywhere, and even automate them!

You can’t go wrong with Hunter Douglas’ Cadence Soft Vertical Blinds. From their cozy
aesthetics to their simple features and design, they’re a window treatment that is sure to fit any home and any situation.