Sadly, home flooring often gets overlooked despite how much it contributes to your home. It provides support, comfort, and even some flair to the most simplistic of spaces. It is typical for you to consistently redecorate your home based upon furniture, aesthetic, mood, or really whatever your specific needs are, but what about your flooring? Is it time for you to trade in what is currently under your feet for something new? There is a variety of options available for you to customize your flooring situation to best suit what you are looking for, so let us help you pick out something amazing.

What is better than flooring that is durable and cost effective? The answer is nothing! Ceramic flooring is a classic that will last you for much longer than you may expect. Although this option is slightly more expensive in terms of installation, the tiles are water resistant and rarely crack. Ceramic will last so long in your home that you will save money in terms of not having to constantly update your flooring and paying for repairs. It is also versatile because it can be used both inside and outside of the home for flooring, bathroom and shower walls, and even patio areas.

When in doubt of what you want for your home, hardwood floors will never let you down. Customizing hardwood flooring is simple because you can choose your wooden planks, either exotic or domestic, and use such flooring to enhance any space. These floors are such an archetypal option that they are guaranteed to be easily incorporated into any theme or decor. Similarly, you can choose to get classic hardwood floors or the engineered option to ensure even greater durability.

Comfort is key in choosing the custom flooring for your home, making carpet a great option. Not only does carpeting offer the most versatility in terms of texture, style, and color, but your feet will also be sure to thank you. The pattern you choose can help hide stains, and carpet provides a safe landing for those in your home that may be a little clumsier, like small children.

Last but not least is stone flooring, which adds a unique flair to any home. The material of stone flooring is obviously tough, but don’t assume it to be exclusive to rustic aesthetic and lacking comfort. Stone flooring can add warmth based upon the various colors and tones that you choose to incorporate into your space. Similarly, it is durable, timeless, and a decorative touch that could pay off in the future, given that stone flooring often adds to a home’s value.

The options for you in terms of custom flooring are endless, giving you an even better reason to begin to rethink your current flooring situation. If you would like more information about custom flooring, or to meet with someone to discuss the selections for your home, come see us at herberts workroom 101. We are located in Centennial, Colorado and serve the areas of Denver, Greenwood Village, Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Centennial, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Englewood, Aurora, and the surrounding cities.