Benefits of Carpeting

Carpeting has gotten something of a bad rep in recent years. The association with dowdy 1970’s homes, the outdated patterns of airport flooring, and pet stain commercials is unfortunate. There is a reason that carpet was such a popular type of flooring in years past, and it is time to rehabilitate carpet’s image. The experts at herberts workroom 101 show you how carpeting can fit in perfectly in your 2017 home.


People always seem to think of carpeting as the white, possibly speckled, stuff that was on the floor of all our childhood homes. But in reality, there are a ton of types of carpet, and definitely any kind that your home may be needing. Carpet now comes in a wide variety of materials, including recycled materials, so that even your carpet can reflect how environmentally conscious you are.
Aside from material, your carpet is, at the end of the day, made of fabric, meaning that you can find a carpet in any shade or pattern you desire. Rather than opting for the plain, stain-loving white that we tend to think of with carpets, consider a trendy pattern, or an eye-popping color that ties your home together just as much as your décor.


The reason why so many of us grew up with carpet is because of its softness, of course, and that hasn’t changed. Nothing feels quite so luxurious as getting home from work, kicking off your shoes, and letting your feet sink into a nice, plush carpet. The softness of carpet brings a welcoming attitude to your home and is sure to make even the most finicky of guests feel comfortable. It is also ideal for children, and in particularly toddlers. As they are still getting the hang of walking, taking a tumble onto carpet is less likely to result in serious injuries than the same accident occurring on tile or hardwood, and if they knock something over, it is less likely to break as well.

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While carpet is ideal for children, it does have one drawback if you own pets. As opposed to hard surfaces, carpet is somewhat absorbent, and so is more likely to accrue stains than stone or ceramic flooring. But don’t forego flooring just because you aren’t willing to part with Fido: by avoiding light colors or particularly dense weaves, you can avoid that pesky pet stains. Still worried? There is a reason those old airports had those funky patterns on their carpets, and it’s because they don’t show stains! Keep your pets and step up your interior design game by getting a non-traditional carpet for your home!

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