custom kitchen renovations

For decades, the workroom 101 team has been proud to provide Denver homeowners with the latest in high quality Kitchen design and installation, with outstanding results! With the highest reviews and customer satisfaction surveys in the greater Denver area, it’s clear: Herbert designs great luxury kitchens that his customers love!

Herberts approach is not unique. He just does it really well and understands the goal is to design a kitchen that provides the optimal mix of aesthetics and functionality within budget. Customers often comment that Herbert asks all the right questions, goes above and beyond to fully understand their needs, and uses his knowledge of kitchen industry trends to ensure all things are considered. For example, in today’s market, technology integration (like power stations, home assistants, smart devices, etc.) is a major consideration.

And how does Herbert achieve this 5-Star customer satisfaction rating? By not only delivering a kitchen that his clients are ecstatic with, but by making sure they are enjoying the process. This requires outstanding project management skills, communication skills and the best installers. By properly understanding the clients needs and communicating a solution, problems and stress factors are avoided. Keeping the client informed of progress is one his most important objectives, and a major contributor to customers overall satisfaction.

beautiful custom kitchen