Over the past few years, there has been a large trend of moving away from carpet as a home flooring. It has been portrayed as a trap for stains and spills, making your home seem dated and dirty. Is carpet deserving of its negative reputation? At herberts workroom 101, we don’t think so. There are many benefits that come with having carpet as the chosen flooring in your home, one of them being the added bonus of comfort. Just picture it now, snuggling up in your living room, surrounded by carpeting that warms your toes when you step on it and adds some flair to your space.

One of the best assets to having carpet in your home is the variety that it entails. Stark-white carpet asking for a spill or your worst shag nightmare are no longer the norm, because the colors and styles that carpeting can come in are practically endless. This versatility allows you to customize the space in a way that lets you determine how your carpet affects the rest of the room. Some people choose a color that contributes to the current aesthetic and design, while others will choose a bright color or bold style to add dimension and flair. Whatever you choose, Herbert’s workroom101 has the perfect carpet for your home.

Outside of style, there are also a few functional benefits that come from including carpet in your home. There are now many options for carpet created from recycled materials. By purchasing carpet made from recycled materials, you get beautiful, vibrant carpet that is also good for the environment. Many people aren’t aware the carpeting can also provide insulation for your home. If you have rooms in your home that tend to get colder or just want to save money during the winter months, you can choose denser fabrics, causing your carpet to provide more insulation. Plus, this added insulation will save you money because your heater won’t have to work as hard, and it is cheaper to install. Carpet is also a great idea if you have children. It adds a little extra padding to protect your kids when they fall, as most children do at some point. It has also been proven that carpet is much easier to maintain in terms of cleaning and initial purchase.

What could possibly be better than carpeting your home after hearing all those benefits? Adding carpet to your home will truly help in all aspects, including comfort. Your home is meant to be a safe haven where you can retreat and always feel relaxed. There are now more colors, styles, materials, and benefits to carpet than ever before, so what is stopping you? If you are interested in putting carpeting in your home or have questions about how it can benefit you, come see us at herberts workroom101. We are located in Centennial, Colorado and serve the greater areas of Denver, Greenwood Village, Castle Pines, Castle Rock, Centennial, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Englewood, Aurora and the surrounding cities.