During the summer, there are a lot of great trips we can take, but there’s nothing quite like staying in the comfort of our own homes. To create the most comfortable environment in our homes, window treatments like blinds are a great solution. This offers a traditional look to your home, and the right blind function and design can make all the difference for an inviting space where you want to relax. herberts workroom 101 offers this guide for blinds to prep your home for the summer.

Nothing says summer like the right décor pieces, and a lot of this has to do with color. When choosing a color for your blinds, try light colored options that mimic summer’s light and breezy feel. Light colored window treatments also absorb less of the sun’s rays, keeping the interior of your home cooler. Parkland wood blinds from Hunter Douglas offer a great range of light tones, like whites and grays that will do the trick. Another option in color is bold hues that represent summer’s warmth and excitement. Celebrity aluminum blinds have great color options including a red hue that will make a statement!

When considering material, alternative wood makes for great horizontal blinds for summer. EverWood TruGrain is constructed with man-made materials that resist damage under heat and humidity. Feel free to place this on sun-facing windows without worrying about fading or warping over time. No matter what the material, all blinds from Hunter Douglas are durable options, including our aluminum blinds that are made with a spring-tempered alloy that lets your blinds bounce back if handled roughly. This is great if you have rowdy kids home for the summer months.

Naturally, summer can make us think of being outdoors. This being considered, with your window treatments, you will probably want to consider options with great view-through to first, let the natural light in, and second, get a glimpse of the outdoors. Imagine being able to look through your blinds and see your children playing outside for example. Hunter Douglas has choices for maximum view-through like Reveal aluminum blinds that have two slats sitting together for double the view compared to traditional blinds. Macro is another aluminum style of blind that has two-inch slats for increased viewing to your outdoors as well.

Summer is a great time for entertaining outdoors if you have a patio or deck. To style your sliding glass doors and keep the entrance to your outdoor living area inviting, consider vertical blinds. There is a range of great styles for a contemporary look and varying fabric opacities as well to filter light. When placed on sliding glass doors or large windows, vertical blinds help control light in the areas you need it most. This makes your home more energy efficient in the summer.

At Herbert’s workroom101, we wish to exceed your expectations in creating a space you love. In addition to horizontal and vertical blinds for summer, we offer various types of flooring, shades, and shutters for your home. Our showroom is located in Centennial, CO and we serve Parker, Highlands Ranch, Denver, Greenwood Village, Littleton, Englewood, Aurora, Castle Pines, Centennial, Castle Rock, and surrounding cities. Contact us today for a free virtual design consultation or for more information!